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Isrotel Agamim hotel presents a new vision of what a vacation should like. The hotel has it's own unique style and is designed to accommodate the young community, yet not too young, those who love their privacy yet enjoy good company, those who love serenity yet like to party, and especially for those who like to independently decide for themselves when to do what. This Eilat hotel is perfectly fit for those who like to go with the flow, it's not just another hotel it's experiencing being in another state of mind...

Out of all Eilat hotels Isrotel Agamim hotel is the only one built around a lagoon-like shaped pool, palm trees and tropical plant-life and vegetation. Water creeks and little river pools flow all the way to the hotel rooms' patio. Due to this, many rooms are built on the ground floor. Your room's patio literally lays on the water, where you can descend right into your little private and intimate water pool creek. These water creeks flow naturally throughout the hotel. From all rooms on the ground floor of the hotel the visitor may step down from his own room into his little private water haven.

The concept of Isrotel Agamim hotel combines the serenity of a tropical island along with all the pampering of a contemporary hotel. The service is exceptionally pleasant and the design of the hotel structure is unique. One can find quietly hidden romantic relaxing rest areas where one may lay on a hammock, crouch on a sling or simply enjoy diving in the water. This hotel represents the essence of calm and serenity yet will not bore you for one moment.
Isrotel Agamim hotel is situated on Kampan St. on Eilat's north beach. One can take a short walk to get to the beach from the hotel. There are also parking facilities all around the hotel giving the hotel visitor the opportunity to park right outside his/her room. The centrally located lagoon is perfectly fit for swimming, has a high-standard purification system and is warmed up during the winter days. All around the lagoon within the tropical botanical garden one can find fall back garden seats where the visitor may lay back, relax and tan in the sun.
The Hotel comprises 320 rooms, all of them identical in size. The rooms are spacious and are elegantly designed to suit visitor's needs. All rooms have a patio facing a water creek and a magnificent tropical flower garden. It is possible to open extra beds and thereby turn some of the rooms into family constructed rooms. Each one of the 80 ground floor rooms have their own private and intimate wooden patios covered with colorful pergolas. Each of these patios are open at the edge and open up into a little private river creek cohesive with the hotel's centralized lagoon. In ones little personal water haven, one can literally swim his/her way to dinner or one may just layback relax and sunbathe in the sun.
The Hotel is only four floors high. All sides of the hotel structure were specially designed to circle around a centralized lagoon like shaped pool. A magnificent tropical flower garden is placed all around the lagoon, covered with colorful pergolas and woodenly designed porches and patios. The reception desk, lobby area, the restaurants and all other activities are located in a whole other area of the hotel, far from the rooms in order to enable the visitor to enjoy his/her privacy and the tranquility that surrounds it.

The hotel has a spacious dining room. The dining room serves food in a buffet style. In the middle of the dining room one can find 4 cooking stations. These four styles include: Far East style gourmet food – stir fried vegetables, meats, noodles, unique soups, etc. Italian Food – pastas, homemade Italian sauces, etc. Grill Bar – grilled chicken, beef, burgers, steaks, etc. Open Bar – right in front of your eyes, cut up and grilled meat meals, all cooked by professional well known chefs. In the lobby a visitor can find the "Macchiato Bar" – for snacks and nibblers, hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and salads, great coffee, cakes and pastries, etc. "Chillout Bar" – the bar that is built right on the water in front of the lagoon. The bar serves hot and cold drinks, liquor, ice cream, sandwiches, salads and other light meals, on a serve yourself basis. There is also a "Thai food Stand" serving Thai food, and the "Steak Corner" serving numerous types of steaks and grilled meats.

The hotel also has a magnificent Spa. The spa has a fully accessorized fitness room and gym, dry and wet sauna, beauty salon. The hotel also offers holistic treatments done by professionally trained staff members.

The hotel also has a garden for the kids, one that is fully equipped with all of the children's needs. Professional staff members such as caregivers and a therapist, who keep the kids active all day long, run the garden. The younger aged children have the option of taking part of numerous activities and play with cognitive games based on their creativity. The older children have computers to play with as well as Sony Playstations. In addition, the hotel also has an arcade room.


Isrotel Agamim 4*