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Bonus program of the clubs!!!


If you register as a member of Golf lovers' Club/Keen on Travelling Club you will get an exclusive number of rewards and services.


You will enter the Baltic-Breaks bonus points program automatically. This program will enable you to save money and to get discounts on your future bookings. Once you are a member of Baltic-Breaks bonus point program, you will take part in customer reward program and every time you buy a trip from Baltic-Breaks you will be getting some bonus points which will be transformed into money saved by you when you next buy a trip from Baltic-Breaks Tour Operator. 

All you have to do to register is complete a short form. Once you are a member, your points will be stored in your online Baltic-Breaks bonus point account, and every time you book a golf trip/a break with us you will have the option to redeem these points as payment or part payment for your next golf break or a non-golf holiday.

As a Baltic-Breaks bonus point program member, you will also have the following services available to you:

  • You automatically sign up for our newsletter which will bring to you regular special offers and partner super-discounts;
  • You will get exclusive offers only for Baltic-Breaks bonus point program members;
  • Make requests to Baltic-Breaks as to how many bonus points there are now on your account and ask for the history of your bookings.

Who is eligible to join  Baltic-Breaks Bonus Points Program? 
Anyone aged 18 years or over is eligible to earn points once they have registered online as a Baltic-Breaks bonus points program member.

How do I join? 
All you need to do is click here to complete the short form.

What details do I need to fill in to become a Baltic-Breaks Bonus Points Program member? 
Registration is very simple and only takes a minute. We ask you for your basic contact details, such as name, address and email

Is it free of charge to join? 
Yes, joining Baltic-Breaks Bonus Points Program is completely free of charge

Earning Baltic-Breaks Bonus Points

How much are points worth?
100 points are worth  (6.5 EUR)

How do I earn points?

You earn 1 point for every  (1.3 EUR) that you spend with us on a golf break or a holiday.

Can I earn a fraction of a point or carry spend over to the next golf break that I book? 
No, only whole numbers of points can be earned and the points are earned on an individual break by break basis.

Can I earn extra points? 
Yes, we run promotions where if you book certain breaks or book at certain times of the year you will earn bonus points.

Can I earn points when I buy Baltic-Breaks Gift Vouchers? 
No, points cannot be earned for buying Baltic-Breaks Gift Vouchers.

Do I earn points if I redeem a Baltic-Breaks Gift Voucher? 
Yes, you earn the same number of points for redeeming the voucher as you would if you were to pay by cash, credit card or other form of payment.

Can I earn points in conjunction with any other money off or value added offers? 
No, Baltic-Breaks Bonus points cannot be earned in conjunction with any other offer.

Spending Baltic-Breaks Bonus Points

What can I spend my points on? 
You can spend points when you book a golf break or a holiday as payment or part payment for the break/holiday.

How do I spend my points on a golf break? 
Simply specify to the sales agent how many points you would like to spend. He or she will debit them from your Baltic-Breaks Bonus Points account and credit the value of the points to the balance of payment for your golf break/holiday.

How many points can I spend at one time on a break/holiday? 
You can spend any number of points at one time up to the total number of points that you have in your account.

When I book a break/a holiday, do I automatically spend the points in my account? 
No, if you would like to spend your points you must tell the sales agent at the time of booking.

If I am not the organiser of a group but am going on the golf break/a holiday, can I spend my points? 
No, only the person whose name the break is booked under will able to spend their points when making the booking.

When are Baltic-Breaks bonus points transferred to my account?

The points that you earn for the particular booking are automatically transferred to your Baltic-Breaks account on the day of your return from a golf break/a holiday.


 Additional Baltic-Breaks Bonus Point Program Benefits

What are the additional benefits of the Break Points rewards program?

When you join Baltic-Breaks bonus point program you will be offered special prices. You will be getting exclusive offers. When you join the program you will automatically be getting Baltic-Breaks newsletter containing its news and special offers. You will also be able to make requests about the amount of points and your booking archive.

Shall I be getting information on the amount of bonus points on my account?

Yes, periodically we will be sending to your e-mail information about the current amount of points on your account as well as the information about our programs to promote bonus packages.

If you inform us about your birthday while registering, you will get a small gift from Baltic-Breaks which will hopefully be a pleasant surprise for you.


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