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Tours Gift vouchers

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Baltic-Breaks Golf Tour Operator offers you to obtain a gift voucher for the services of Baltic-Breaks.


We are offering gift vouchers priced at 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 5000 Estonian kroons.


Any of these vouchers can be gifted to a friend or a colleague who can use this gift voucher when buying a tour at Baltic-Breaks. All you have to do for it is filling the order form on our homepage, pay for the voucher and then the owner of the voucher will get it by regular mail within 5 working days. A gift voucher can be also obtained directly in Baltic-Breaks office or ordered by phone. The gift voucher can be used for the full or partial payment for the tours excursions or other travel services offered by Baltic-Breaks Tour Operator.


Gift vouchers can be used for full or partial payment for the travel services offered by Baltic-Breaks only. Gift vouchers can not be transferred. Gift vouchers are valid for one year from the moment of purchase. If a gift voucher is used for the full payment for a travel serviced priced lower than the nominal value of the voucher the rest of the sum is not given in monetary form. A gift voucher cannot be exchanged for money. A gift voucher cannot be used to obtain several travel services in several stages.