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Tours Plum dumplings from potato dough

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Plum dumplings from potato dough

Few ingredients have such a wide variety of uses as the humble potato - boiled, roasted, fried, sweet and savoury, as a main course or side dish. And you can create wonders from potato dough - plum dumplings sprinkled with grated farmer's cheese are all the proof you need of that.
Number of portions:     4
Preparation time:     30 min
Cooking time:     20 min

    0.5 kg potatoes
    1 egg
    pinch of salt
    70 g semolina
    230 g whole grain flour
    600 g plums
    150 g hard farmer's cheese for grating
    150 g icing sugar
    1 tablespoon butter


Leave the boiled potatoes to cool then put them through a meat grinder or a fine grater. Add salt, beaten eggs, semolina, flour (keep some for flouring the rolling pin) and work the mixture into a dough. Roll out into a thin sheet from which you should cut out squares measuring 4x4 cm. Rinse and dry the plums then place one in the middle of each dough square. Fold the dough around the fruit to create dumplings.

Drop the dumplings into boiling, slightly salted water and cook slowly. Don't forget to give the pan a careful stir several times during the process to ensure the dumplings don't stick to the bottom. You'll know they're ready when they bob to the surface.