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Tours The four Unesco Capitals of the Baltic sea

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The four Unesco Capitals of the Baltic sea 0.00
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The Baltic scandinavian roundrip cruise Riga-Stockholm-Helsinki-Tallinn

Tallink Silja unique short cruises connect you to the UNESCO capitals on the Baltic Sea:Stockholm,Helsinki,Tallinn and Riga.Choose your route and combine our cruise and great hotel deals around the Baltic sea.You can stay in each city as many nights as you wish-or only a day-and journey in the evening to the speed vessels.Freash,clean sea and beatiful archipelago scenery offer a refreshing experience for everyone,especialily when all of it cab be experienced on board a luxurious cruise ship of Tallink Silja.Find you favorite capital around the Baltic Seal.

Stockholm-Royal atmosphere in blue and green city of the most beatiful capitals in the world,is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges.The beatiful buildings,the greenery.the fresh air and the proximity to the water are distinctive traits of this city.With 750 year history and rich cultural life ,Stockholm offers a wide selection of world -class museums and attractions.

Helsinki-world class city with Nordic exoticism

Helsinki is a modern European city of culture that is famous especially for its design and hight is a pocket-sized metropolis that is ideal for visitors! Helsinki is characterized by modern architecture and trendy design,hot fashion labels and large cultural events and festivals which take place right in the heart of the city.

Riga-art nouveau in "Paris of the north"

Riga is the Baltic metropolis,featuring a picturesque old town and sozy cafes alongside the buzz of a big city.Many young people all over Europehave discovered Riga as the fun  town for the new generation.The historic centre of Riga has been inscribed on Unesco World Ermitage List and is a must seen place for tourists.

Tallinn-Medieval and modern

Tallinn is a city of contrasts.It is a medival Hanseatic town situated side by sidewith the 21st century of modern glass buildings.Old town of Tallinn is included on the Unesco World Heritage.List as an outstanding and exceptionally well preserved example of a medieval northen Europe trading city.

The Baltic Scandinavian roundtrip cruise

Day 1 Overnight in Tallink Hotel in Riga

Day 2 Riga-Stockholm cruise with m/s Romantika or m/s Festival

Day 3 One night in Scandic Sergel Plaza in Stockholm

Day 4 Stockholm-Helasinki cruise with m/s Silja Serenado or m/s Silja Simphony

Day 5 One night in Scandic Continental in Helsinki

Day 6 One night in Tallink city Hotel or Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel